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Prone Weeder / Lay Down Weeder / Bed Weeder: Collection of Ideas

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As I want to create a good, cheap, durable, easy to build, self-driven open source prone weeder, I did some research of already existing ones. You are invited to contribute your own constructions and ideas.

  1. Human Powered Prone Weeder "Hufmann" found in a CSA in Germany:
  2. The ideas from "Fietsenwieders", Antwerpen especially interesting Model JustInTime:

    Pitily I did not succeed to upload a video from their promising Version "Unidentified Flying Object" due to their f***book-based dissemination. See my owncloud link below for further information.

  3. Rob Rock with his cool beginnings here. Project, before he commercialized it here and here
  4. The Berrypicker:
  5. The Lazy Weeder:
  6. One german intuitive construction:
  7. and another:
  8. Similar FarmHack Project: Prone Farm Mobility Vehicle and the laydown weeder


Additional Information (pictures, collected Videos), can be found in this ownclowd folder.

Please feel free to add your own Ideas or to email me.

Joel_BC's picture

This is a great post!  Interesting conceptions & geometries to these varied solutions.  Glad to see this added to the FarmHack site.  Thanks.

bhaugen's picture

I agree with @Joel_BC, this is a great post. I think it's worth studying the way the most recent https://www.facebook.com/Fietswiederss/ works. I think better than a rotary pedal mechanism. For example,


(Difficult for me to find and link to the details because I get stopped by the facebook modals wanting me to sign up...lesson: don't publish your info that you want to share with the world on facebook.)

solarbobky's picture

There have been several of these out there through the years:




as well as supine (sitting) versions.