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Search function/map for people and others

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it took a while to find the fields to enter personal data to my account, like adress/organisation/selfdescription. This should be entered while setting up an account to have more (voluntairy) information available.

With this data, we could set up an search function for registered FarmHackers, to get in contact with people easier, with same interest/skills etc. for developing projects together or general exchange.

This would be very helpful for me, because I want to use the farmhack site for my tools i built and want to invite other german users to do this also, to set up more local networks. A map with registered users, shops, farms, events would be wonderful, maybe this could work together with http://transformap.co/ ?

Further Information in personal profiles that could be useful for filtering: skills/interests, location on a map, projects involved in. Including gravatar maybe?

might be, I havent found some the functionality and its already there :-)

Btw, I have no advanced skills of writing code or website admistration.

Have a nice day, thanks for making FarmHack! Stefan