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Succession: Who gets the farm can split families apart. It doesn't have to

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Over the past 70 years the number of family-run properties in Australia has dropped by two thirds, and there is concern if other farms aren't passed on correctly that number will keep declining.

Do you ever get into awkward conversations with your parents?

For many young people keen to take over the family farm that conversation is figuring out what happens when their parents retire or, in some cases die.

It's called succession, and it's traditionally been a dirty word in farming families.

"Succession is one of the biggest issues for young farmers," Toby Locke says who is the chief executive of Young Farmers Australia.



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Just after sunset on September 6, 2017, celebrations erupted on a farm in the quiet county of Shropshire, England. After a year of hard labor and careful planning, researchers achieved the previously impossible: the world's first fully automated harvest—from barren land to flourishing crops—had been successfully completed. The "Hands Free Hectare" used nothing but robots, and was yet another step forward in revolutionizing how we feed the world.