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Ingenious homemade homestead device & equipment sites

I’m looking for websites that are as good or better than the one’s I’m going to list below. (I'll just mention there is nothing more excellent than FarmHack Tools, or Marcin Jakubowski's site.)

The list's sites have content concerned with the re-use or adaptation of components, old machinery, and salvaged materials to make things of use on a homestead or small farm. In other words, illustrations, description, or complete how-to articles (or videos) showing how ingenuity, design and skills can be combined to fabricate these useful things.

To illustrate the nature of my interest, you could log onto this thread (it’s had a number of contributions from other people, and by now has gotten more than 38,000 views - the further you scroll down the more actual pics or embedded vids there are): http://www.sufficientself.com/threads/upcycled-repurposed-projects-many.11661/

Okay, below is the list of sites I’ve found (ones that range from pretty good to excellent):











Please post to help me, and others on FarmHack, find sites that you feel are good.

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Thanks for the links. Two did not work. The instructables and the inhabitat pages. A couple more would be offgridworld.com and offgridquest.com

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Baruch77, Instructables works for me. Maybe try it again. But I identified three that were not working (probably originally found too long ago now), and I believe I've properly corrected/updated those. Thanks for the two you've suggested.

Let's keep this going!

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For those interested in this topic, I just discovered this site, which goes deep into technicalities - Machine Builders Network: http://kramerville.net/mbn/ubbthreads.php?ubb=cfrm

Also, there are some very good Pinterest boards where people have posted illustrated links to web pages about specific relevant projects. But the way the Pinterest system works, you need to be registered to be able to scroll down and see what is on the boards. That doesn't mean you have to start your own boards - just be signed up.

(I've got a Pinterest Homesteading Methods & Equipment board, just because I wanted to start one, and I think it's a useful way of communicating. That's my personal take on Pinterest's potential.)

If people are interested in knowing about these boards, along the line of what I described in my OP on this thread, I'll post the URLs for them. So reply, if you are.

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Are these links displaying as hyperlinks for you guys? They're appearing as plain text for me...

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Here's another one.  Videos by another interesting tinkerer...

I got onto his Youtube channel because somebody on a site I got to published this project by the guy, a homemade small tractor...