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Farm Hack Manchester, UK, October 2015

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We are Farmers in Manchester are hosting a 2-day Farm Hack in October. Tickets can be ordered (free) here: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/farmhack-farmlab-manchester-tickets-184632...

Heres our outline: Help solve farming problems by designing new open source tools, working alongside farmers, scientists, engineers, artists and designers. After a creative brainstorm and design session on 24 October, selected designs will be prototyped at FabLab on the 31 October 2015 and shared online via Creative Commons for farmers around the world to use, creative and open minds are very welcome.

Registration When signing up, please ensure you can attend the second workshop on 31 October 2015 which will take place at FabLab in Manchester. Refreshments provided both days, please include any dietary requirements and access needs on sign up.

Heres the pre-event blog post: http://www.wearefarmers.co.uk/farm-hack/