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YouTube channels or Podcasts for new farmers?

Any Suggestions on YouTube channels or Podcasts for farm/Ag-related topics?

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You'll probably get a lot of response on this, since there really is a lot out there.

You may be familiar with Farm Run's videos, since that is an org or affiliation that's associated with Farm Hack... http://vimeo.com/farmrun/videos/page:1/sort:date

I know that some research organizations in the organic-farm vein are posting both articles and vids on their sites, e.g. the Rodale Institute.

I might also recommend my Pinterest board, where among other things I've put descriptions of and links to good stuff, including good Youtube videos. Some of these are about different sorts of technologies for the low-capitalization farmer (as we have in the Tools section of Farm Hack): http://www.pinterest.com/joelbc/pins/ (Unfortunately, the people who run Pinterest have recently put a sort of dark visual barrier on the bottom of the screen (or so I see it on my browser), which is there until we log in as Pinterest members. Makes scrolling a bit irritating, though still possible. There may be some value, however, in becoming a Pinterest member, even if you don't want to start a board yourself. There are other good farm/homestead-related boards already on there.

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On the Heritage Radio Network there're lots of good shows. Greenhorns Radio is specifically for and about young farmers.