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Why so little activity here?

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I'm surprised there is so little activity on this site. I'd like to see more - probably others would, too. (By the way, my thanks go out to the techies who keep this forum system operating.)

Why I'm surprised at the low activity is that there have been all the Farm Hack events. Surely a promising or viable design or method is occasionally coming out of these.

There are threads started here (often with a pic or two) and orphaned. No follow-up, even when interest has been shown via a reply to the topic.

Farm Hack forums have got off to a great start in life, but in my opinion the whole project needs feeding.

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This has been an item of considerable off-line dialog and the tech team and board is putting together a plan to both make it easier to get started and contribute, but also to make navigation and linkages between tools, events, people, organizations and related discussions be clearer and make more sense. We are all involved in building a prototype together for a better way to collaborate on open source projects - and all participation or lack of participation help tell a story about what is working and what needs to be revisited. I look forward to being able to bring these new features out to the community in the coming months. Thank you for your comments and contributions!