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What's it take to make a Biofueled TroyBilt?

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I've got an old, pre-70's dilapidated TroyBilt I'm gearing up to rebuild, largely for my own education on mechanics. Linkages are broken, fuel tank is missing, lots of work to be done so I figured why not rebuild it to run on biofuel. Not sure how well I'm navigating the site but I haven't found much on converting engines, biofuels, etc. to go off of.

I'm posting in hopes of receiving any information sources out there people would recommend. If anyone has strong opinions about battery power vs biofuel, vegetable oil vs processed alcohol, etc. as well I'd love to hear it. As I make headway with this project I'll try to post progress I've made, or pitfalls I've found.


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Unfortunately this form will not let my iPad paste. Not sure what you mean by biofuel. Biodiesel only works in diesel engines. Perhaps a sparkplug cannot ignite it and would foul if you try. Diesels have higher compression which creates the heat to ignite a fuel.

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I don't know anything, really, about single-cylinder diesel engines, but I made a search on Google Images:

So, I got to wondering if second-hand (rebuilt or rebuild-able) diesel engines might be obtained for a modest investment. I don't know, but maybe somebody here on FH does.

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Try ebay. There are some there.