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Thnx Dorn for posting about the Rodale crimper

Thanks, Dorn, for posting http://farmhack.net/node/383

I'd been feeling a little frustrated since I posted saying: "I want to put out the call for anyone to let me know about practical (tried and proved-out) home-built equipment or set-ups & devices, DIY projects, etc that can be of value to homesteaders, market gardeners, and small farms. I have a Pinterest board. This is something I'm experimenting with, using it to inform people in need of technical info." (That was in my post at: http://farmhack.net/forums/tell-me-about-web-pages-about-equip-projects )

I keep telling people about the FarmHack site, and some will check it out. But I feel also that getting the word out through other sites is needed.

No one had actually responded to the call I put out, but your post and the Rodale cover-crop crimper is the right sort of thing.

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Thanks for the comment and for all your contributions. I have a huge backlog of posts waiting to get put up - both upgrades to existing tools and several new tools. I hope to get at least a few up in the next couple of weeks. It seems there is a slowdown in contributions each spring (at least from those from the temperate northern hemisphere!). We are really hoping that the upgrade to the web site this summer will make it easier to integrate other sites into Farm Hack and vise versa, and also lower barriers to using the site.