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Pedal PTO

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I've seen a few designs for pedal operated generators but what I'm wondering about is a pedal operated PTO. I have the desire for a reasonably portable unit that could be used to "motorize" our grain mill, possibly power a homestead sized threshing machine, root washer, maybe even a lathe or other shop tools? The design I like best is the Rodale Energy Cycle, but I'd like for some method for making it belt-drive and adding a flywheel? Other designs out there that come close to this idea?

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I will see if I can get my brother inlaw to post. He has a brand new single horse treadmill which has a pto output which he has used for corn shelling and grinding - and another friend has one hitched to a thresher. He also has a belt driven grain grinder which is human powered based on a modified stationary bicycle. If nothing else I can get photos of the setup.

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For those who aren't sure what a PTO is (I wasn't at first), it's a Power Take-Off.

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For those who aren't sure what a PTO is (I wasn't at first), it's a Power Take-Off.

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To clarify, I was using PTO in a generic sense of "power transmission unit" vs desiring a device that actually incorporates a tractor style PTO hub like the Amish horse treadmills do. I was thinking more along the lines of a v-belt step pulley for different speed/torque applications belts being more forgiving in adjustments for a variety of different tasks. Not unlike the uses for stationary engines and belt pulleys on pre-50's tractors.

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We've built a couple multipurpose pedal powered machines and v-belts are an incredibly easy and universal way of pulling power off. Here's a video of one of our machines: www.pedal-power.com

For full disclosure, I am the co-owner of the company and we are planning on posting the plans for this machine to the farmhack site (soon!)