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Pedal Power and Micro Hydro andysmiles Monday, April 30, 2012 - 10:11am Sunday, May 6, 2012 - 9:10pm 3

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Thanks everyone who is working on this, some great progress has been made! I'll weight in soon, just once I clarify my thoughts...

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I agree that there needs to be some business model or at least some remuneration for all of the time that goes into such a well-designed product that you are talking about- licensing is one way, I'm sure there are other ways as well. One other potential benefit of publishing plans is to have multiple people working in parallel on the same problem and helping solve parts of the puzzle- this is how open source software works and why it is so successful. of course, that is assuming there are enough people working on it and have the time and then they publish their findings too.

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We've built a couple multipurpose pedal powered machines and v-belts are an incredibly easy and universal way of pulling power off. Here's a video of one of our machines:

For full disclosure, I am the co-owner of the company and we are planning on posting the plans for this machine to the farmhack site (soon!)

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will do- I've dreamed about pump storage- it seems efficient and simple enough to fix and as you say multipurpose- nearly perfect!

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No problem, it can live at our house until then- you are welcome to stay with us any time. Just let us know if you need it sooner. My brother also lives in Boston, so it might make its way to you via him.

It was great to meet you this weekend, I'm excited to start hacking away at electrons soon (instead of just steel).



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Hey Louis,

we did find your jacket at the grange after everyone left- where should we send it?

Andy andy[at]

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A quick addition to remember safety! Always wear safety glasses, ear protection, gloves, respirator, etc when appropriate