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Need "new posts" listing

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Many forums on the web have a New Posts listing - you click on it and see what's been most recently posted in all threads and subforums. It would be good, if possible, to have that here. (Maybe there is some provision for that here, and I just haven't found it?)

I find it very frustrating - particularly in low-activity periods - to come here and not find a new-posts listing. I seem to waste some time just looking around for some recent date-of-post.

Please excuse this comment if there is some provision for finding new posts here, and I just haven't found it.

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Hi Joel

You can see the most recent web activity including forums, open shop and tool activity on the home page - just scroll down a bit to see the what is going on. The subscription function on tools and forum should alert you to new content by e-mail. Most of the recent activity has been in the tools section for example...

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Dorn, thanks. Okay, my fault for not realizing that.

But could I make one small suggestion - which I feel would make the site slightly more user friendly?

Put a "Recent Posts" or "Newer Posts" button or list right on the Talk/Conversations page. http://farmhack.net/forums/farm-hack-talk The reason I suggest this is because some people who are expecially interested in dialogue with other members may have (as I did) bookmarked the "Conversations" page itself. So unlike on many other forums, here you can not simply go to the discussion page and find listings for the newest posts.

I appreciate your considering this idea, Dorn. Thanks again.

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If you installed the free Tapatalk plugin I would check this forum every day. This forum is not mobile friendly.

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This is my new favorite website, thanks for coordinating such an inspiring project!

I have a similar question about the "new posts"--personally it's easier for me to keep up with an RSS feed than an email subscription, so I'd love to see RSS support.  Drupal 7 has this built-in, FWIW...

Let me know if I can help, I've squandered a few years doing Drupal web development.