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My rural how-to Pinterest board

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I recently started a Pinterest "board" concerned with "rural methods, tools, and equipment". This consists of "pins" (descriptive entries with pics) about methods, technologies, repurposing options, technique details, and tips of potential value to small farms and to homesteads. It's not aimed at the multi-generation conventional farm, nor at the corporate farm.


My intent is to lead interested persons, via links, to sources of valuable information that might otherwise remain unknown to them and perhaps difficult to locate. My board is not a "wish list" - I have several decades of experience living and working in rural environments. Most of the items reflect (or express) my own experience. Others lie so near my own experience that I feel confident in posting them and consider them "the real deal."

I've posted links to over 600 URLs and will be posting more to this board as time goes on. (By the way, the Farm Hack site is one of the first posts (or "pins") I made to the Pinterest board.)

I would encourage others reading this to consider starting boards. It's a simple process and can broaden the exposure of ideas and information you know about.

Anyone who wants to recommend an online site to me for pinning to my board, please do so in this thread (below).

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Cool Pinterest board for farmers! I followed it. I think the link directly to the board is this one -> http://www.pinterest.com/joelbc/rural-methods-tools-equipment/

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Thanks, R.J. Glad you like it. I just started it within the last week.

When you say you've been following it: does this mean that you too are a registered Pinterest user? If so, let me know your user name on that system, as I'm sure I'd be interested in what you're pinning.

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The site now has around 650 entries.  Check it out.


(See first post in this thread for description.)