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how do I search for/find the motor or gear reducer that I need for root washer?

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We have everything seemingly ready for our washer except the motor. We have a 1/2 hp 1725 rpm motor, bit no gear reducer, and I'm really stumped on how to search for and find one that will be compatible with our motor (image attached). Likewise, I don't know what search terms to use to find a pre-assembled motor+gear reducer, and to know that I am purchasing what I need.

The info on this page is already giving me more than I had to go on before, but I'm a total motor novice. Any advice?


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I likewise don't know anything about gear reducers but this seems to be similar to the one Versaland is referring to. 

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Chris Callahan, UVM ag engineer has some additional info to add: 


The motor they have is fine, there is a prior thread on the topic.  ½ HP 1725 RPM.  Need to check whether the face is 56C or not.  It makes connecting to the gear reducer easier.


For gear reducers, they should search “56C 40:1 gear reducer”


Grainger: http://www.grainger.com/product/DAYTON-Speed-Reducer-4Z732

McMaster: http://www.mcmaster.com/#gear-reducers/=zivg0v

Zoro: http://www.zoro.com/dayton-c-face-speed-reducer-43-rpm/g/00121608/

The 56C face is a standard 4 bolt face that makes attaching the gear reducer easier and more stable.  Doesn’t look like the motor they have has that face."

I think this may be the previous thread he's referring to. 

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I was looking in on a discussion on HomesteadingToday a while back, and a tinkerer addressed the geared-reduction issue. This guy said he'd come up with a solution applicable to a number of projects: kitchen mixer motors/gear sets. Remember there are both the common rather puny ones for home kitchens, and heavier-duty ones made for commercial kitchens and even industry.  Advantages: variable speed controls, & solid gear reduction - and the guy said, also, easy to mount and use.  The guy said he got some sort of a "Mix Master'" from eBay for $25.

Remember, these are motors and reduction gears that are joined together - and that could be an advantage.  Otherwise, you'd be working out the specifics of mounting.  I must say I was shocked to see brand new gear-reduction boxes selling in the $500-1000 range.

Back to the HT guy and what he recommended: besides eBay, he recommended restaurant-supply providers (new & used equipment, often) - industrial cooking supply.

Another thing he mentioned that might possibly be adapted is an electric drill (think of h.d. half-inch-drive D-handled drills with lots of power, not cordless compact ones).  Again, will supply you with geared reducer sets/housings.  You'd have to work out the mounting.

Good luck.