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Hello I'm Jamie!

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I'm a veteran mail carrier, and future farmer. I'm looking for apprentiship type opportunities throughout the U.S. and possibly elsewhere. I'm interested in sustainable architecture, permaculture, organic hydro/aquaponics, and becoming a generalist. I've pursued Civil Engineering obtaining an associate degree, but had a hard time financially working and going to school, so I took a job offer with the Post Office. My work ethic and curiosity are second to none. I've been tinkering with small scale organic growing with raised beds and making my own compost with a fair amount of sucess. I'm wanting to make farming my life and would like to eventually start an educational farm to help teach fellow vets and curious minds alike. I believe small scale open source farming is necessary for positive change, and want to be apart of the movement. Please feel free to contact me with further questions or just to give me advice on how to find opportunities. I would greatly appreciate all information and look forward to meeting some great people in the future.

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You mention permaculture, and your desire to gain apprenticeship experience. I'm longtime into organics - not especially permaculture oriented, though I am to a degree and am learning more about it.

So I wanted to mention a good online place I've joined for getting lots of info about permaculture and it seems useful for finding volunteer apprenticeship opportunities.