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FarmHack gatherings: pics or video?

I'm just wondering if anyone has videos or good, clear pics of farm machines, devices, or equipment that have been brought for display or sharing to any of the various Farm Hack gatherings? Original working models or prototypes.

Wondering about things that may not as yet have shown up in the Tools section of this site.

If so, is there some way to post them?

dorn's picture

Great Idea - Some of the events pages have photo pages embedded or links to photos pages, but they should certainly be easier to find! Check out past events links here http://farmhack.net/calendar

Joel_BC's picture

Thanks for posting that calendar link to past events, Dorn. I've clicked quite a few (a cross-section) of those links.

Wish I had the computer/online know-how to go through all the calendar links and extract the portions relevant to my inquiry. I'd like to put together something that makes seeing the pictures and vids of machinery, devices and set-ups more user friendly.

But I've not forgotten that much along similar lines has been put into accessible form in the Tools section of Farm Hack - thus sharing information. And I applaud all those efforts.