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Farm Hack Kentucky: Small Scale Grain Production

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10:00 Coffee

10:10 Introduction of Farm Hack – Carolyn Gahn, Community Farm Alliance

10:20 Group introductions

10:30 Tour of grain fields and seed cleaner – Micah Wiles, Cedar Creek Farm

11:15 Reviewing components of harvesting equipment and economies of scale - John Wilhoit, University of Kentucky

12:15 Lunch

12:45 Challenges in harvesting/storing grain for the small scale farmer– Micah Wiles

1:45 Challenges in harvesting/storing beans for the small scale farmer- Lily Brislen

2:00 Demo prototypes- Micah Wiles, Jacob Gahn, Bill Brislen

3:00 Group Breakouts: Redesign large scale equipment for small farm All groups have notetaker to be turned it post meeting Groups make sketch of machine

5:00 Farm tour