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Farm Hack Glossary

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See comments below.

Leanna's picture

Would it be useful to have a glossary for this forum?

Because Farm Hack is interdisciplinary by nature, keeping everyone on the same page may require some explaining. There could be links to wikipedia pages or other sources and audience-specific entries about farming and design vocabulary.

dorn's picture

I think a glossary would be an excellent feature - perhaps we could start a "Tool" called "Farm technical vocabulary Glossary"? The discussion forum tied to it could be used to ask questions about terms etc....

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Post renamed to "Farm Hack Glossary".

R.J. Steinert's picture

Hi folks. For now, lets try using Wiki pages tagged with "glossary". I created a page that will show us all wiki pages tagged with "glossary" over at http://farmhack.net/glossary. I created the first entry, microcontroller. There are a few other things I'll add down the line:

  • a link to the glossary on Wiki pages tagged as glossary
  • a button in the toolbar for "Add Glossary Term" that automatically fills out the wiki form with the tag "glossary"
  • automatically link to glossary terms when detected in a wiki/forum post's text.