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Hi, I'm Leanna Mulvihill. I'm an intern with the National Young Farmers' Coalition and organized Farmhack@ESF last fall. This May I'll be graduating from SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse with a degree in forest engineering. My goal is to learn more about agriculture and bridge the gap between farmers and engineers. This forums looks super useful and exciting. Thank you to everyone who put it together!

[this comment was migrated from the old Farm Hack Forum, it was originally posted on 1/3/2012]

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Hackstarter sounds like an excellent idea. Would partnering up with people like Slow Money be helpful? Approaching universities with specific projects might be an easy way to get access to grants or other funding for R and D, especially if Farm Hack could partner with someone doing their master's thesis or other research. Or perhaps a combination of both?

The online market place seems like a necessary step in making products available!

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Hope this is helpful!

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Would it be useful to have a glossary for this forum?

Because Farm Hack is interdisciplinary by nature, keeping everyone on the same page may require some explaining. There could be links to wikipedia pages or other sources and audience-specific entries about farming and design vocabulary.