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Easy-to-use crop planning tool FREE

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Farmers are working with limited resources: limited time, limited labor, and limited land. It’s important that they make a plan to maximize those resources. It’s also important to have an expectation of when a their farm will start to generate revenue. To do this farmers need a crop plan, and this Google Spreadsheet allows them to quickly and easily map out a timeline for the growing season.

Seed to harvest timeline: http://goo.gl/PN6jYz

As it stands, this is a very simple tool. I'd like to have feedback from the farming community about what could make it better. What do you like about this? What don't you like? Would it be useful to to see expected revenue? Do you want a page to input farm labor? I'm open to suggestions, just let me know! And please share this with your fellow farmers. The more feedback I get the better it will be.

Sharable URL: http://goo.gl/PN6jYz

Louis's picture

I'm don't farm for a living so I can't give you much feedback on what would make it better - I certainly think your suggestions make sense. Maybe some way to reference what goes in which field?

I did want to say that those are some fancy spreadsheets. I never knew spreadsheets could look so good.

Todd Edward Jones's picture

Haha. Thanks Louis! It just goes to prove that spreadsheets and be beautiful AND practical ;)

Bill's picture

I like this. Maybe we should talk about collaborating: see my project at http://farmhack.net/tools/record-keeping-profitability-analysis-tool We could geek out on spreadsheets.

Todd Edward Jones's picture

Wow Bill! These look great. Let's find some time to connect on the phone. I've already followed up with an email. Talk to you soon!