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Wow Bill! These look great. Let's find some time to connect on the phone. I've already followed up with an email. Talk to you soon!

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Haha. Thanks Louis! It just goes to prove that spreadsheets and be beautiful AND practical ;)

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My name is Todd Jones. I grew up gardening in backyards throughout Elmhurst. I've spent some time working on farms but I don't have any experience producing food at scale. Last year I began to offer a personal farming service to homeowners in the western suburbs of Chicago ( That concept has since evolved into a tech startup ( Our grand plan is to map food production across the United States and abroad, but we're starting with urban farms and community gardens, specifically those in the Windy City. We'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon and I'm hopeful that the site will be ready to launch in May. With a little luck, and a whole lotta help from the farming community, we'd like to scale-up/adapt these tools for use on rural farms. If I can be of any help to you I hope you'll let me know. Drop me a line any time. Thanks for lending me your attention.