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Many beginning small farmers and urban farmers are often without secure long-term land tenure, making it difficult to invest in critical infrastructure needed to allow the farm to grow and operate efficiently. This functional prototype was built with grant money from the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission and is currently in use at ECO City Farms, in Edmonston MD, a not-for-profit/educational four-season urban farm where it doubles as a teaching kitchen for youth nutrition programs. Project is currently in final stages of pulling permits from health dept for commercial processing.

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Hi Adam, This sounds like a cool project you're working on. I see you posted some detail in the forum for this tool. You could also place the description on the Wiki page for this tool. In case you missed it on this tool's page, the button to edit is a pencil icon with small text that says "edit this wiki". I'm looking forward to hearing more about this project :-).


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Would it be possible to get plans/details on this project? I work at a non-profit, educational urban farm in Little Rock and we could really use something just like this.

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It WOULD be great to have a sketchup model of the layout. Enclosed is a link to some models that might be helpful to start. I expect if the 2D plans were posted someone would step up to model it...

1) a sketchup model of the standard shipping container


2) The link to the Farm hack sketchup model library with components that might be helpful


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Ready, willing, and able to model this for you! Would love to see some plan drawings. I have heard that when repurposing a shipping container you have to pay close attention to ventilation. A building made of cinderblocks can "breathe" but those containers can't. Mold can become an issue. Do commercial kitchen codes call for specific ventilation?

I am renovating a building to include a small cheesemaking room, which would need to adhere to commercial kitchen standards, plus a few other details. In addition to the cheeseroom we will need an aging room, and my thought was to bury a container underground, add in a humidifier and call it good but I am now rethinking the ventilation issue.

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Hi there, just following along, I'm about to start a business plan for a shipping container garden so that I'd check this out, but it appears incomplete.