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Why I posted this conceptual tool as a wiki

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I started this Tool Wiki to explore the idea that financing and marketing methods are just as much a tool as contracts and shovels are. They are all required for the work that the farmer undertakes to be productive and sustainable. In several of the Farm Hack events this has been discussed, and so I thought I would push the concept along with a conceptual tool wiki approach. I think the repository of a working document will work better than keeping it just in the forum discussion. With the documentation in the wiki, the accumulated discussion can be kept up to date in one place. I think that this might also work for other types of contracts. Just like business models have been patented, so too can they be made opensource. Examples might include:

1) CSA agreements 2) Land Lease Agreements 3) Equipment sharing or Cooperative ownership agreements 4) Market research or marketing strategies 5) NRCS/FSA handbook

If others have any of these types of contracts or documentation that they would like to contribute, I would find it fascinating to review and discuss.