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I want to install FARM os Please help how to do it. where can i get basic information like getting started guide.

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Hi! FarmOS is a web application, so it needs to be installed on a web server. It is a distribution of Drupal, so you basically follow the normal Drupal installation instructions

But instead of downloading the normal "Drupal" package, you download the farmOS one... which is essentially Drupal plus all the farmOS modules included. Alternatively, you can set up a normal Drupal website, and download/enable individual farmOS modules to suit your needs. In that way it's very flexible.

Do you have any experience with websites or Drupal already? If not, it may be more trouble than it's worth for you. Alternatively, I can set you up with a pre-built and hosted system through Farmier.com. Or if you're just interested in trying it out, I set up a demo for Farm Hackers - I can give you a login for that if you'd like to poke around.

FarmOS is still in "beta"... and there's a lot of things to do before I'm going to really start recommending it to people. So the main audience right now would be tech-savy users who can see past the tedious UI that it currently has. Knowing Drupal and how it is built is helpful in that regard... because I have been designing the system from the ground up using standard Drupal practices, to ensure that it can benefit from the shared development of the rest of the Drupal community.