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Water Catchment DIY/simple/cheap

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Hello all,

I wanted to put out feelers to see if it was helpful/interesting for me to bring to the Ithaca farm hack event the tools and components I use to create water catchment systems that are reliable and easy to implement (and super cheap!). I farm exclusively with water caught from the sky, and have 12+ different water catchment systems on-line. Lots of failures over the years, a fair bit of success. Definitely interested in helping people avoid the failures! If there is interest among folks I can plan to informally present my research when there is a good time slot during the weekend...

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Please feel free to post your best water catchment designs to the tools page of Farm Hack. I am sure that others would be really interested in learning from your experience. Use as many photos and drawings as you can! I am in the process of building upland holding ponds using earth berms and poly liners for irrigation and animal watering, so I would be interested in how what you are working on, and your experience might be relevant to our farm.

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Surely we will post our plans here once they are ready. Till then others can also post their work here. Visit us for more details.