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Volunteering full-time for Farm Hack this summer, need your help getting started

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Hi all,

This summer I'm committed full-time to volunteering for Farm Hack and I need some of your help to get started. I want to take some time to interview our community on their experiences with the site as well as present to them ideas on where we are thinking of going. Initially, there are three groups of people I'm interested in interviewing.

  1. People who have submitted tools
  2. People who want to submit tools on Farm Hack but have not yet
  3. People who want to build tools they find on Farm Hack

I need your help in both figuring out what questions to ask these folks as well as finding folks to talk to that fall in the second and third category. If you have any suggestions or you fall into any of those categories, feel free to email me directly at rj@rjsteinert.com. I also have a Hack Pad document where I'm working on the questions I'll be asking. Big thanks to Severine for helping to get this process started!

Be well, R.J. Steinert rj@rjsteinert.com