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Because freedom matters for software just like it does for seeds.

Start-Up Projects

Open Food Hub (OFH) is software to run a stand-alone food hub (of any scale). It enables you to manage online ordering, multiple suppliers and products, and a range of distribution points. It is designed to facilitate the viability of ethical and sustainable food enterprises. It exists and is useable. It will get better.

Because we know EVERYTHING is better when we work together, we are hard at work on the Open Food Network (OFN) – a free, open source, scalable e-commerce marketplace and logistics platform that enables communities and producers to connect, trade and co-ordinate movement of food. It’s like a network of online farmers markets that enables everyone to participate. Through peer-to-peer product traceability and transparency, it helps put control over food into the hands of farmers, eaters and local enterprises.

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OPEN source notes from notes from Ag Kawamura at American Farmland Trust

World Agriculture has never been more abundant, safe and diverse Food is a privilege, not a right. Look at the past to realize how lucky we are now..\ crop failures.. Sacrifice a lovely maiden/ Norman Borlaug! Dust spores...Epidemic, pathonogenic crop failure That is why Norman Borlaug's generation saw that they could predict and anticipate and prevent such catastrophes . Saving millions of lives.. These are the kinds of things we have to look at the kinds of tools we have in from t of us. these are the toolsets we have to work with currently 70,000 acres taken out of production because of the drought in Caliornia

Will we have the capacity to provide for everyone. We have to have land and the capacity to continue..and the logistics we will.

hurricanes in California, "the fact that it happened before means it will happen again" embrace new concepts, ideas, technologies The challenge of getting a consistent crop off, we are looking for more tools, seeds… because of the retooling, he can keep planting even when its so wet looking for more property where you can bring that land in production desserts are among the most predictable I think these folks with little home gardens, roof gardens ( dismissive) think that we don't' need other kinds of farming, by which he means mega scale..

Franchise the hydroponics all over the plant we have plenty of water on the planet, we just have a salt problem and a logistics problem lets put cisterns under our homes atmospheric water harvesters, a new small house of the future DARPA FUNDING for swap coolers have its own energy and water systems, with very nice ' turnkey kinds of situations' collecting fresh water from boats off-shore, put it on a barge, into a reservoir, freshwater balloons

precision agriculture helps us meet the criticism about wastefulness Agriculture is not broken, its getting more dynamic every day

the more bulletproof we are, and resistant to failure the public has to stand up we need a whole army of young farmers, not young farmers, but new farmers. folks that understand it, patient , smart, tolerant, but getting it wrong is not an option we are here to work on systems of abundance humility of farming is understanding what is out of your control.

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Hi Severine, I am building a human powered tractor that will have three point hitch and pto. What features would you and others like to see on one and what kinds of apllications do you anticipate? With kinds of other equipment can be paierd with it?

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Severine: I'm looking for additional information (date, location, ...) on Ag Kawamura at American Farmland Trust, and a website (if there is one).


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We're going to be having a pedal power meet-up in Boston in March. Maybe you can make it. Email me: daniel.b.grover [@] gmail [dot] com.

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Waterville, Maine Where and when? I am interested.

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