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US Visit from the French Farm Hackers - Ada Bio Autoconstruction

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www.adabio-autoconstruction.org (unless you speak French, you will need Google translate for the website)

Julien and Joseph from " Ada bio Autoconstruction" are coming across from France to visit farms in Canada, Vermont, NY state-- Severine is driving them around. These are the open source hackers who have focused on tool-design and fabrication skills training for diversified organic farms in France, and have managed to get funding from the French government to train farmers how to build their own equipment! If you are a Farm Hack fan, you've likely already heard about them.

But now you can meet them in person!

If you want to talk with them, meet with them, dine with them, invite them to your farm-- please be in touch. I've already arranged quite a set of tours, but in the spirit of open Source I wanted to get the word out more widely.

Basically the dates are Feb 10-15 in the USA before that in Canada where there may be 1-2 remaining slots for the Quebec training. Rememer, the training is in French!

Until soon! Severine farmer@thegreenhorns.net