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Urban Farm Challenge

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Hi all,

I am new to this community so please excuse posting to the wrong topic. I am setting up an incentive prize (like the X Prize) to promote open source integrated urban farm design. It is early days but I am looking for 3 things: 1, feedback on the design of the prize, 2, potential members of the judging panel (i.e. experts in the different fields required) and 3, potential competitors for when the prize goes live.

You can read about the prize here: https://herox.com/urbanfarm

I would really appreciate any feedback or pointers anyone in this community can provide.

Many thanks,


dorn's picture

Sounds like a great fit for posting to Farm Hack. There are lots of options option's for promoting it. I would recommend opening an open shop for your organization, write a blog that can be rotated through the front page and perhaps offer to host an open hour or present on an organizers call to profile the project. Feel free to reach out to the farm hack community with questions.

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Thanks Dorn. I have created an Open Shop for the challenge here: http://farmhack.net/shop/urban-farm-challenge. Can you give me some pointers on setting up a blog post (I have content) and more than happy to host an open hour or join an organisers call or both. Just let me know how to go about it.

regards, Nick

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Hi Nick, I'm in the process of creating a small farm in my back yard. I live in a suburb of NYC. Starting with the basics to bring back the soil: composting (food waste and leaves), reintroducing red worms, friendly bacteria, etc. Not sure if I'm eligible for your urban challenge, but thought I would ask. Zina