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Tractor Education

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This is admittedly a shameless attempt at promoting something I'm trying to do for profit, and if it's inappropriate, please remove and I'll fully understand. Here's my story…in 25+ years in the farm equipment business it became apparent that there was a growing number of people leaving the city to move to rural areas to begin a new farm lifestyle. I would meet them when they were shopping for small tractors and equipment and it seemed like they all had fairly common questions to try to educate themselves. On the way home one night it hit me that there needed to be a website available for them to get the same kind of education that I got from dad…growing up on a farm. There were numerous websites trying to sell equipment, but not many geared toward education. So I began one, and it's mostly done with video. It's called asktractormike.com and it's a totally free service that discusses the basics of farm equipment. I'm now out of the equipment business to devote more time to the website, writing and speaking and I need web traffic to eventually reach my goal of selling advertising on the site. Please visit, and please let me know if you have additional questions or suggestions. I'm Tractor Mike and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve your audience.