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Tool Template Wiki _ farm bike

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A recent post tool post to the Tool section wrote over the "tool template wiki" - with "Farm Bicycle" a totally understandable thing to do. The template is a bit misleading - ideally it would be the formatted starting place to begin tool documentation, etc. but at the moment it is just a reference, and new tools need to be created without formatting by selecting the "+Tool" button in the upper left corner of the screen. I was not able to gather who made the post because the edit was only in the tool profile section which does not track edits.

I rewrote the tool template profile but here is the content for re-posting. and hope it will be!

Here is the text from the profile:

"Low tech farm bicycle.
Made for more ergonomical weeding/planting.
Pipes are detachable.
Still under construction but promising.
Like to hear about similar experiences."

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Hey there Dorn,

Looks like the tool template is still showing up as the farm bike (in the url and on the tool profile itself). I figured that before I also start messing around with fixing this, I might just ask you to sort it out since it seems you already have your brain on it.



Dorn's picture

I think there is some confusion with how to use the template - I edited the tool profile again with language that I hope helps. With luck the poster will try again by posting a new tool rather than editing the profile again. Any idea who is posting the Farm Bike?

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Do you have any sense of how easy/difficult it would be to track these changes? Or, alternatively, why the site is set up this way?