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Is this tool going to be updated? Dorn, are you the primary source of this info or are you uploading this for another person? I love the concept, especially something smaller, and think it would be easy to scale b/c of its modularity. Looks like no updates since 2012...

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Which tool are you asking about? I think your post got decoupled from the tool wiki

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Weird. Is there a way to put it back?

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Funny you should ask about more documentation. There is a LOT more documentation coming for this tool really soon. I have detailed process flow diagrams, parts lists with major suppliers and will be doing a video with operational instructions which I hope to complete this summer. I also have performace data and will be able to post the arduino based temperature data logs up and running again in its new fancy enclosure. I will also be building a new modular processor which I will swap out for the existing static mixer/tank. This change should drastically reduce the price of the whole unit by eliminating the need for the co-generation unit for heating the oil and running the air compressor. The new unit will be a smaller diesel direct drive air compressor and hydraulic power unit to run the air operated pumps and two metered hydraulic drive pumps for a cavitator type processor which should work at ambient temperatures. Thanks for your interest and will post more as soon as I can!

It would be great to see this system built at different scales and variations.

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Wow, awesome. Do you have funding through GreenStart for this? If so, could you talk about that?

Are you considering opening the build of the processor to the public? If it's happening this summer then I would love to come out and learn first-hand the process of fabricating it.

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Yup - part of GreenStart's mission is to make its work open source - and we have a focus on documentation this year. I think a Farm Hack event would be a good idea - probably mid-summer. There are a number of tools coming along that would be fun to work on- including a new roller crimper inspired by the ADA bio folks that I am particularly excited about.