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Solar power capability? Automatic alerts?

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Has anyone looked into modifying this for solar-powered fencing in remote pastures? Also, it sounds like you only get the status when you query the system. Would it be difficult to have an alert automatically sent when the fence is down?

claytonrcarter's picture

The system, as it currently exists, relies on the cellphone + cellphone library to determine if the power has failed/been turned off. If it detects that, it automatically sends a text that the "fence is down". This was conceived of as a secondary feature, with the primary feature being the ability to dis-able the fence from afar. There is no current capability to test the charge on the fence, which seems like what you would need to see if a battery/solar powered fence is not working. The Arduino could run off of solar, though, so it's not impossible.

Bill's picture

I think we could run a line into the analog input through a resistor, and run the Arduino off the fence charger itself. Would you be interested in collaborating on this? I think it would be extremely useful for those farmers doing rotational grazing, especially with escape-prone animals such as goats.