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Search and compare dozens of seed catalogs

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www.PickACarrot.com a seed comparison web tool

Hey, my name is Jason and I recently launched the website www.PickACarrot.com with a small team working out of Ithaca, NY and the New York City area. We are looking for farmers, gardeners and growers of any size and scale who are looking for help locating and/or placing their seed orders.

Pick A Carrot is a seed aggregator website in it's very early stages. It's a very simple search bar where you can search all available seeds or for Organic growers, there is a green "Organic" search button to narrow searches down to certified organic only.

We've consolidated the catalogs of over 30 seed companies so far and are always in the process of adding more. We are now looking for growers who want help and to provide us with feedback for what you want from a site like www.PickACarrot.com.

I'm reaching out to get feedback including:

1. Is this a useful tool for you?

2. What would make this a useful tool? What is your dream tool when it comes to online seed sourcing?

3. Do you want to compare seed catalogs?

4. What do you like to compare when looking at various catalogs? Is price a factor

5. Anything else you can dream up that would make your life easier as a farmer.

Please comment here or contact me at jmgrauer@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you directly.