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The requested page "/app/host-an-event" could not be found

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Yes, the title says it all.

Also I came here as I was trying to find a hi-res version of the Farm Hack logo to print out to put on signs for an event we're hosting. So would be very useful if someone could make that available.

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The broken link is noted (looks like it is broken on the home page but not others). Thanks for the note about the logo. Here it is.

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Thank you for the logo. The page still isn't fixed though.

Did it have such things as the hi-res logo on it? Having resources for making promotional material makes the whole process a lot easier for the organisers.

I was also hoping for the logos with the subtitles, if that's not too much trouble.

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Hi ormr, Thanks for the catch on the link. I fixed that in the code and it will be going live with our code release this week.

\ RJ