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Recommendations for motor RPMs

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Great plans! I'm looking to build this project over winter and was wondering if you have a recommended motor RPM to pair with the 40:1 gearbox. Thank you!

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The McMaster-Carr motor included in the prints can be found here: http://www.mcmaster.com/#6135k47/=v1afno. It is a 1/2 hP, 1725 RPM motor.

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Thank you for the previous info on the motor.

I just noticed a discrepancy while compiling my shopping list and wanted to get clarification. The individual sheet for the 1/4" carriage bolt has it as 2 1/2" while the roller assembly schematic says 3".

Thanks again for putting these plans together and sharing!

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The originator of the post / tool will have to answer that. I'd suspect purchasing 3" won't be that much more expensive and will be on the safe side. But don't have exact dimensions of 32" diam. drainage pipe in front of me. if you have the pipe, measure it and add in the batten board thickness.