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Pre-Event Brainstorming for Design Charrette

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Planning to attend Farm Hack Iowa, and already have an idea for the Design Charrette? This is the space for participants to start sharing their ideas, challenges, or anything else to get the charrette process going before we all get together.

What is the Design Charrette? An intensive process for design creation and brainstorming, powered by small group working groups. At the hack, small groups will form around one idea or challenge that they wish to address, and work collaboratively to come up with a solution or design to address that challenge or bring the idea into reality. This can be a physical tool, equipment or alteration to an existing piece, a computer program or app, ideas for farmer collaboration or organization or ANYTHING else! The goal is to produce some sort of useful output (rough design, execution plan, etc.) that the group can move forward with post-hack to execute their design or other end goal.

So if you have any ideas or challenges ready in your mind, share them here! Fellow participants can add their thoughts to get the ball rolling before the event begins.