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Perfect time for UVM FarmHack Organization Launch?

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While tabling for FarmHack at NOFA VT, I was approached by several students very interested in starting a FarmHack club/org. Noticing that there aren't any upcoming events on the calendar, I'm wondering if this is a good time to reach out to these students and initiate them to hold a first event on their campus.

I'm wondering if the community is aware of this movement to begin an organization at UVM and what people think of this development in the evolution of the community (I believe that this would be the first student-run FarmHack group?)

Jeff Piestrak's picture

This sounds like a fantastic idea -get 'em hooked on hacking while they're young. And maybe help shift the mindset of institutions they are a part of from one of top down technology transfer to collaborative innovation! If some thought were put into how this could be implemented I might be able to entice students at Cornell...

Cheers, Jeff

dorn's picture

Funny you should mention this - I have been in touch with Alec Ellsworth who is organizing a student club already, and I think they will even have a budget. chriscallahanuvm ( http://farmhack.net/user/805) is working with Alec to get this kicked off. I will suggest that they put some info onto the UVM open shop. It sounds like it is prime time for an event on UVM campus!