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Org Call Notes 10/16/14

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Main Topic: NESARE Grant Proposal for a Partnership Grant

These notes are from our Organizers Call on 10/16/2014. Organizers Calls are a weekly e-gathering of Farm Hackers working on a variety of projects, sharing their progress, and moving projects forward. The format is informal and interested contributors are welcome. For an invite, email Daniel Grover @ [farmhackopen@gmail.com](mail to:farmhackopen@gmail.com).

Present: Stan Ward, Tristan Copley-Smith, Dorn Cox, RJ Steinert, Chris Callahan, Daniel Grover -grant purpose could be being able to measure the results and impact of farm hack -want to be able to see positive change that the $ resulted in -maybe sare wouldn't be the best place to go with that -instead of platform or development driven, present the application as a means to an end -trying to measure the impact of the event, etc -maybe find some SARE funded projects, shephard them through the process of documentation on Farm Hack, ask them how the platform could work better for them. -fido, root washer, already SARE funded, farm hack-related projects -allows the sare project to live on in terms of measureable impact and documentation even if the originator of the project doesn't continue it on -farm hack can be a platform for sustained measurement of impact for SARE projects -mechanism of tracking? need a clear mechanism of tracking for projects -by a sare project being in the farm hack library, it has the potential for others to pick it up -project is developed and platform is developed by virtue of farm hack working with the project leaders to ask them how the platform can best serve them -metrics could build momentum for projects, could also generate funding possibilities for Farm Hack as well -------being able to go to a tool and like it, i find this interesting -------i built this, i bought this, i have used this, possibilities for tracking -------making them think about github, liking and forking (where you take a project and clone it) etc. --is this a good format to use for Farm Hack tracking of project iterations? this is how it is done in the open source software community ------we would have forks for fido, rover, fido 2 ------ratings of tools? ratings of documentation? ------discussion forum for feedback, issues, looking to github or drupal.org-- issue cue, ties of different versions of standards, metrics taken from drupal.org--create graphs, etc. ------also, there is qualitative feedback from forum conversations ------capture how building or buying the tool impacted the enterprise ------page views ------duration of stays ont he site -------ability to do collaborative on-farm trials through these tools -what do metrics tell us, how do we go from measured results to measured impact? MEASURED IMPACT IS THE KEY IDEA HERE -general idea of not collecting dust-- is this our problem statement? we want these projects to live on, not just go into an archive somewhere. build a set of tools around them that encourages their sharing, encourages collaboration on their continued development -who has done recent work in the open source area? ------previous farm grower grant recipients -this will be positively received because this is working to amplify the SARE program and projects -talking about budget--we don't know how valuable this is or how to construct it. being honest about this and then saying that we want to do some user work. general evaluation of farm hack in the present state

After this conversation, we learned that all SARE-funded projects are Open Source and/or Public Domain so we can work with any SARE project in this context.

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I was there too (Bruce Dawson), just having technical problems with my headset.

Some comments on the above notes:

  1. Have several "Like" buttons - "I Like The Tool", "I Use The Tool", "Would use, but...", "Have used, but..."
  2. For tracking, are you looking for something more than content revisions? If so, can you describe what you are looking for?
  3. "Forking" tools is a good idea, and could provide "breadcrumbs" back to the originator.
  4. Scoring/rating tools and documentation is a good idea. Provide anonymous traceability would be nice too (so a developer could request an explanation from a rater).
  5. Another goal could be to provide fodder for a periodic FarmHack event where selected tools are displayed and presented.