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Open Source Multi-Planter

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I've begun work to create a simple, scalable Open-Source Multi Planter suitable for large seeds and roots, including potatoes, garlic, onions, shallots, hazels, walnuts, etc. Version 2.0 will include a rotor for transplanting, Version 1.0 will nail my immediate needs first (garlic).

EASY The majority of components are off the shelf. Very little welding on this one, as I want to make the design accessible for everyone.

TOOLBAR Repurposing an old 3-point row crop cultivator ($70, auction, market value) for its toolbar, 3 pt mount, and cheap steel.


SEED ROTOR junkyard automotive rim.

Will update tools forum within next 30 days. All-in, this planter will be built for around $400 per row with NEW components. I like the sound of a new 4-row planter for under $1,500, compared to $5,000+ for a market-sourced one.

Problem addressed/functional need Most planters for root crops and large seeds (potatoes, garlic, onions, acorns, etc) are expensive new, and hard-to-find old. The Open Source Multi-Planter is here to solve that.

Functional Description/approach Using a ground-drive system consisting of an ATV tire/wheel chain-driving a seed rotor, similar to many Mechanical Transplanter Model 1000/5000 systems.

How to use the tool Get people. Plant.

Bill of materials and Sourcing Future.

Construction/how to build Future.

Next steps/goals/barriers In build stage September 2012.

Marketplace Sure, we could Etsy it.

Similar commercial units.