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Open source farm skill list- a start

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Here is an attempt to list a few of the skill sections we might want as we document some of the skills that may be needed to build open source tools
(this will be a very partial list I am sure - and I am sure that the categories will need to be worked out more carefully)
Ideally we can match these up with on-line tutorials already out there and with local vocational programs etc.

Computer Skills

How to use this site
How to use design software
opensource programming documentation and use of repositories etc.

Electrical Skills
Use of a multimeter
circuit board soldering
soldering larger wires
waterproofing joints
general 12v wiring
large wire crimping/joining
single and three phase motor, starter and switch wiring

Working with Hydraulics/plumbing
types of threads and adapters (elbows, street elbows, bushings, nipples, etc.
taping joints
plumbing a valve
plumbing a quick connect
replacing a high pressure flexible hydraulic line
replacing or steel hydraulic line
making types of flairs and compression fittings
replacing filters
adding gauges or meters

Working with Pneumatics/plumbing
Making up new air hoses
plumbing a regulator
plumbing a new valve
adding a quick connect
adding gauges or meters
plumbing pressure relief valves and pressure switches

Working with Bearings/power transfer assemblies
Clutch assembly and disassembly
types of bearings (pillow block, face mounted etc.)
Belt drives and tensioners
chain drives and tensioners
gear boxes
Oil bathed bearings vs greased etc.

Metal working
Sheet metal work (steel, stainless steel and aluminum)
Structural Welding (tubes, flat stock, channel etc)
methods (stick, mig, tig etc)
using fasteners (pop rivets, rivets, sheet metal screws, etc.)
Using a mill
using a lath

rough farm carpentry/construction
building a stud wall
building a roof truss
setting a post on a footer
pouring concrete footers
pouring concrete slab

heavy materials handling
shop lifting & rigging
layout and jigs

working with Fluid transfer/pump technology/lubrication
Fluid transfer pumps or methods

Internal Combustion technology

rebuild procedures, and general functional descriptions and order of procedures