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Open Source Farm Robotics

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Something for the rest of the community to comment upon and help out with the idea


R.J. Steinert's picture

@adiard.matthew It tooks me a little to figure out where your website is, here's the link -> http://go.farmbot.it/. It would be cool if you set up a Tool page on Farm Hack for that project. Link to your docs and forum to get folks involved. I just signed up on your forum, I'm looking forward to seeing how this project progresses.

Louis's picture

I want to play with that! Looking forward to your crowdfunding campaign.

adlard.matthew's picture

Actually, not mine, just been following and adding to brainstorming.

Posted here because one realised that a lot of the creative ideas and solutions on here would also transfer well across to problems and ideas on the Bot.

While the designers for the Farmbot are clever they do not seem to have that cobble it together on the cheap look at things that many on here do and one felt it could help foster cross fertilisation of ideaswith lowtech/hightech solutons.