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New Topic Type, the "Problem Statement"

Topic Type: 

Hi all, There has been much discussion around "problem statements" being an important part of our community process so I set up a new Topic Type called "Problem Statement" and added a shortcut to creating a Topic labeled with that Topic Type (see screenshot). I like the idea of encouraging people to enter their problem statements because up to this point, FarmHack.net has been just sort of collection of solutions. Encouraging people to submit problems could spur innovation. This is similar to the Farm Hack events where during the design charrettes, Farmers propose problems and groups form to solve those problems. I hope we'll find a nice flow between the online and in person problem solving experiences.

So now when you add a Problem Statement, it will show up on the front page and email anyone who is subscribed to the Forums. How else do you think we might be able to improve upon this new function? Should problem statements have their own section like Tools does or are they fine just showing up in the the Farm Hack Talk forum? Should we change something related to Open Shops and Problem Statements or is the current functionality sufficient with the Problem Statements showing up in "Forum Topics from Organization's members"?

Looking forward to your feedback.

\ R.J. Steinert

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