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Manual garlic planter

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Manual garlic planter

3 rows manual garlic planter Number of rows 3 Tractor power [kW] 28 Width [mm] 810 mm depth of planting set at 20 mm max 160 mm Dimensions (length / width / height) [mm] 1700/1350/1000 Machine weight [kg] 95 Row spacing [mm] 300, 350 , 400 mm Planted seed spacing [mm] 65-200 mm in 3 freely selected. spacing, for example: 65, 120, 170 mm Productivity 0.7 ha / day Variety of seeds Machine is able to plant kind of cropsspring onions, garlic, broad bean Number of seats for people 2 or 3 at a spacing of less than 120 mm

For more information go to www.garlicmachinery.eu