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Make "What is Farm Hack?" easier to answer on the landing page

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Mihaela's student David brought up that the "What is Farm Hack?" section being all the way at the bottom makes it hard to figure out what Farm Hack is when you land on it. My theory about landing pages is that you have no more than five seconds to 1) explain what the user can do on the site, 2) prove that they can be successful in doing those things, and 3) show why they would want to do that. This might involve publishing some kind of metrics on the front page like "33 tools documented by 345 people, 2039 questions answered, and 8 successful events!" Stats like those expose the depth of the community, some other visual to show the breadth of the community might be good as well (like types of people, see http://dev.farmhack.gotpantheon.com/forums/subscription-plans-and-labels-next-users-avatars-context-discussion).