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The Farming Institute (www.thefarminginstitute.com) is a unique, fast track, 11 week farming immersion program taking place on two vegetable farms using organic practices in Eastern Iowa. It is designed to equip emerging farmers of all ages, such as college students, recent graduates or others wanting to fulfill a dream. The program includes a mixture of hands on and classroom experience. During the program, students will complete a business plan for their future farm and learn about the land, the business of farming and the farming process. Program Topics: The Land: Soil and soil nutrients, crop rotation, farming philosophy, The Business: Business planning, marketing and sales, financial management, The Farming Process: Seed selection and planning, irrigation, weed and pest management and control, cover crops, harvest, packaging, delivery, storage and organic practices.Instructors: Susan Jutz, one of the first CSA farmers in the state of Iowa, Dick Schwab, a proven entrepreneur with experience managing multi-million dollar companies and Farmer Kate, a successful young farmer who created a profitable business from the start. 2013 Program Dates are May 30-August 16. For an application form or for more information visit the program website at www.thefarminginstitute.com or contact Kate Edwards at kate.wildwoodsfarm@gmail.com or 319-333-2980.

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Learn to Farm at The Farming Institute