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knowledge of old seed cleaners?

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Hi good people - does anyone have knowledge of old seed cleaners? This gem is a prototype we are playing around with to build a modern version - J. Bean, 1851, Montville (Maine maybe?). Basic online search yielded no info. There are instructions still in tact on which sieve to use for the particular type of seed cleaned, and how much to open or close the damper... but much of the frames and screens have been replaced and reworked, thus losing the corresponding numbers. Also just interested from a historical perspective - the story from its owner was that this seed cleaner was patented with the idea in mind that farmers could save seed and sell it as a supplemental income. Go fig.

Also interested in building on a threshing component when we re-work it (much to the chagrin of dance parties on bed sheets!). Any info - designs, personal experiences, references, etc - would be most appreciated.

Thanks! -Bill

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I have some screen size documentation and supplier information that I can post later this week. It would be great to attach this work to the dehuller, thresher and combine tools as well. One of the concepts I would like to see developed is the concept of "kits"/so we can group multiple tools together in different combinations.

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Thanks very much Dorn, and a great pleasure to make your virtual acquaintance. I had the same idea in mind with regard to the dehuller, and have passed the link on to the builder.

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Here is the spreadsheet posted by Commodity Traders International for recommended screen sizes

Here it is in google doc format https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gPdLbwQhalAkxhQ-4isSUErvFHwqkfjdsQsCGFv6b9g/pubhtml

If you want to make your own custom screens, here is another vendor that sells all sorts of screening http://www.mcnichols.com/designer (Mcmaster Carr and other industrial suppliers also sells screen)