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Just got new equipment

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Just received the equipment for the SARE part of this project, and discovered that the BeagleBone Black is nice and fast, but its serial port interface is completely different from the older version (the BeagleBone "white").

So now I have to spend extra time researching how to access the ports and rewriting the device interface for the XBee's. Sigh.

Then I can make the changes to the serial device driver that will capture the times the data transfers took place.

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I've assembled and tested the BeagleBone Blacks, and soldered together the XBee and GPS units for each of three base stations.

The next step (and a rather big one at that) is to download all the kernel sources and find the serial device driver so I can modify it to perform very high resolution timing. Then I have to build and test, and repeat until I get it right.

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Finally got a custom built kernel to boot off the SD card. Its a bit awkward due to all the ssh dancing and IP address changing, but it appears to work.

So, I now have a working and (I hope) stable development system. Time to take a baseline backup and start work on the device driver changes. Also have to get the debugging environment set up.