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Internet Explorer Problem

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When I run the site in Internet Explorer, the banner at the top of the site does not appear. I am using Internet Explorer 8 so maybe newer versions of IE support this feature. Let me know if anyone else notices this in IE?

EDIT: Hey, I believe it was just a silly error on my part because IE works fine now. At the time I was testing the site in a number of different browsers to see how it looked in different browsers, so I am guessing that during that process the reason the banner was not showing up was just a mistake on my part like forgetting to login to my account in IE. Sorry for all of the confusion.

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Hi David, Thanks for the bug report! I can't seem to reproduce it that problem in IE 8. Does that always happen for you or only sometimes? If only sometimes, then is there a URL where it happens consistently? Also, if you take a screenshot of the problem and post it here then I might be able to figure it out.

I just realized we can't attach files to comments. I'll enable that so you can post that screenshot! Also, in case you don't know how to take a screenshot, there might be a "Print Screen" button on your keyboard that will save your screen to an image on your desktop. Sometimes it's abbreviated on your keyboard like "Prnt Scrn".