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Interest in having the guide de l'auto-construction book translated into english ?

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I think that given the general interest farm fabrication skills I have seen at several of the FarmHack events that this community could benefit by having access to the excellent work already accomplished and documented in the guide de l'auto-construction published in book form by ADBio-Autoconstruction. If folks are interested, please add your comments to this forum and we can reach out to the ADBio-Autoconstruction folks to see if it would be possible. I think it would provide a good basis for further discussion of the skills section of farmhack that has been discussed recently (both on and off line). A link to the book is here http://www.adabio-autoconstruction.org/le-livre/le-livre.html

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Yes, I am interested in a translation.

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I think it's a very big job to translate the whole manual. I have a printed copy of my own and it's 245+ pages in full colour with hundreds of diagrams and a great deal of technical and farming-specific vocabulary.

I'm very comfortable in French and happy to translate excerpts or clarify things but I prefer farming to translation work so I'm not interested in translating the whole thing. I'm also not convinced that it's necessary. Would our energies not be better spent producing the North American equivalent? They've set the bar pretty high but I'd be more inspired to work on something new and build on what they've done rather than translate the whole tome.

I have met and had correspondance with several of the people at Adabio Autoconstruction in France and I'm happy to liaise with them if there's a need.

~ reid